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Condemnation of Chemical Weapons Attack on Taza, Iraq

March 13, 2016

World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL) utterly condemns the violent horrific chemical attack yesterday in the northern Iraqi predominantly Shia town of Taza near Kirkuk, killing many civilians including children and wounding at least 600. Despite the fact that using chemical weapons against civilians is a war crime, and the brutal extent of this despicable cowardly inhuman act by the so-called ISIS, the international community especially the UN and western powers are silent in condemning it.

WABIL calls upon all world leaders, and all people who care about the right to life for every human being, to condemn this appalling attack. We ask all Muslims to join forces against the terror of ISIS that is wreaking havoc across the world especially on the Muslim, Christian, and Yezidi communities in Iraq and Syria. We urge the United Nations and human rights organisations to condemn ISIS  and its funders, who are systematically killing and depriving innocent people of their basic human right to life.

These chemical weapons are allegedly supplied by certain western powers. These allegations are based on substantive evidence by those making such claims. It is shameful that the west, that claims to be espousing democratic human rights values, is supplying such dangerous weaponry to thugs. ISIS are nothing but criminals and are far from the ideals of both the Prophet Muhammad (sawa) and Imam Ali (as) who gave strict codes of conduct on how to treat civilians, non-Muslims, the environment, in times of both peace and war. Further, whether ISIS or al Qaeda or FSA, there is no such thing as a  'moderate rebel'. A terrorist is a terrorist, who considers the beheading of men, women, the elderly, children, all lawful. We condemn western politics which trades with and supports such illegitimate entities.
We as Shias are the first to condemn any act of brutality, regardless of religion race or culture of the victims. However it seems that politics is dictating the present world silence in condemning ISIS. Not only did ISIS launch the chemical attack on Taza several days ago, but continued with its chemical rocket attack on Saturday.  The latest victim to have lost her life was a three year old girl. We stand with the Iraqi Prime Minister and the Iraqi people in their grief and in condemning this brutality.
Sayed Mohammad Al-Musawi
World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL)
13 March 2016
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