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Question ID  4072  -  Taharat / Najasat
If hair ( long hair) get najis by urine . How I can make it Pak under shower( running water) I follow aytoullah sistani
Answer:-  Just pouring water on it makes it Taahir.
Question ID  4058  -  Taharat / Najasat wallet became Nafjis due to which he passed me wet milk and my hand became wet and then I touched my wallet so it became najis and I don’t know whether it is pure leather but I think it is pure leather but I am not sure so how should I make my wallet paak or can leather made paak I follow Ayatullah sustain thank you
Answer:-  If the wallet is made of pure non Halal leather and it became Najis, then
it will remain Najis.
If it was made of artificial leather and became Najis, you just need to
wash the Najaf a parts of it.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  4039  -  Taharat / Najasat
Is tap water which has a slight odour due to chlorine or other treatments etc considered mudhaf or pure .
Answer:-  Not Mudhaf.

Question ID  4030  -  Taharat / Najasat
assalam o alaikum dear agha If I use qalil water to purify something , I will wash it twice but will the water from the first wash (I know it has become najis) transfer najasat to other things it touches like my hands or shirt etc
Answer:-  Najis water makes whatever it touches Najis.

Question ID  4029  -  Taharat / Najasat
Assalamo alaikum agha I would like ti inquire how to purify shoes made najis by water used for cleaning urine off ghe legs. Is standing under the shower wearing them enough. They are made of a rubbery material which is not cloth but still tends to stay wet for long time like and is swen with what looks like thread
Answer:-  If you are sure that it became Najis, just washing it with water is enough
to make it Taahir.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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