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Question ID  5805  -  True Faith -  2022-12-29 23:00:02
Is dammam (drum) Ashura mourning ritual which is used for azadari allowed? in Mumbai 9 muharram Shab-e-Ashoor ?
Answer:-  It depends on the common understanding of the people of the area. You
should ask the trusted Ulama of that area.
Question ID  4314  -  True Faith -  2018-08-08 21:15:02
If we get inner conflict in mind about principles of religion and we can not understand truth while our religion orders us to know principles of religion by intellect in such situation what can we do
Answer:-  Discuss your doubts with a trusted Islamic scholar. Ou will discover that all wrong thoughts are with out evidence.
You can call WABL office if you need help.

Question ID  4064  -  True Faith -  2018-01-03 15:45:01
assalamu alaikum. i would like to ask about azadari and matam. is it right to do matam on salam (fazail nauha).? i had seen some shia muslims doing matam on salam and laughing on it(fazaili nauha). as i knw through matam we are showing grief towards ahlulbayt a.s. so it good or not?? plz give me answer with authentic reference to any marja. Thankyou..
Answer:-  Matam is to express our grief on the tragedies of Ahlul Bayt (AS). Laughing during Matam goes totally against the aim of Matam. Respect of Matam and Azadari must be observed always.
Mohammad AlMusawi

Question ID  3453  -  True Faith -  2016-07-23 20:45:01
Hi - i read on your website that masturbating is a major sin. and so is doing zina. for a young man who can not get married due to age/financial means, no one wants to marry their daughter to me due to no proper job, cant do mutah with a call girl etc, which is the lesser sin - zina or masturbation since he has tried being patient but sometimes can not. shukran
Answer:-  1. Those young ones who are unable to get married are been advised by the
Prophet (SAWA) to keep fasting as mucg as they can because of the fact that
fasting lowers the sexual desire.
2. Avoid looking or listening or even thinking about things which instigate
sexual desire.
3. Keep trying to get married whether permanent or temporay. Seek the help
of Allah (SWT) to be away from sinful thoughts or sinful acts.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3419  -  True Faith -  2016-06-22 03:00:02
Salam, Is it permitted to claim benefits in the UK if you are able to work? Or falsely apply for asylum? Thaks
Answer:-  Muslim should refrain from any false claim.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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