The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has created every single vicegerent of His with generosity as their natural disposition.

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Question ID  1439  -  Business Investment
Salam, Is it allowed to buy premium bonds(UK)?If a prize is won on these bonds what is the right way to dispose the money,should half the money given to charity,or khums be paid immediately or there is some other way. Thanks
Answer:-  It is allowed to buy premium bonds in the UK provided that the money is
invested in lawful business activities.
If a prise is won, the money is allowed for any lawful use or charity .
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  1413  -  Business Investment
What is the rule for putting ones money in a bank?? I mean is the interest earned permissible to keep??
Answer:-  It is allowed to put your money in the bank as far as you do not put a
condition to take interest from the bank.
If the bank pays more than your money, you will be allowed to take that
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  1226  -  Business Investment
Is it permissible to sell leather products that contain pig skin?
Answer:-  Selling pig skin for wearing is not allowed.
Mohammad aql-Musawi

Question ID  1058  -  Business Investment
Salaam u alaykum I am writing to you regarding question 1051, I asked this the other day, however I just wanted to clarify that I do not clean the glasses that are used for drinking alcohol, I only clean the plates which halal food is served on, the glasses are cleaned by someone else totally, In the time of working there they asked me once to take the rubbish out (this was loads of empty alcohol bottles)and also the empty boxes I had to chuck in the bin, . .Is the income I got from this still unlawful ? as I was not paid for that, I was just paid for my duties to clean the plates ? also is it haraam for me to work there if sometimes I may be asked to do such extra tasks which involve empty bottles ?
Answer:-  Any work related to alcohol is Haraam in Islam.
Question ID  1051  -  Business Investment
salaam u alaykum I have a job in a restaurant, the duties are for me to clean the dishes and prepare the food, it is a halal restaurant run by muslims but they also sell alcohol, I am sometimes asked to throw out the empty bottles of alcohol and boxes, I do not sell any products as my main duties are to clean dishes in the kitchen, can I still work here ? and the money I have already received is this halal or not and how should i purify myself from it ?
Answer:-  If you clean the glasses to be used for drinking alcohol, this work is
Haraam ( forbidden) and the money gained from any forbidden work is also
unlawful money. You should not work any work which is related to alcohol in
any direct or indirect way. Previous amount received for unlawful work must
be given to the poor persons as Majhool al Maalik.

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