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Question ID  2999  -  History -  2015-12-26 02:30:02
Sa.why hazrat Ali (RA)has praised Usman in Nahjul Balagha Sermon No 163 and has clearly said "You sat in the company of the Prophet of Allah as we did. (Abu Bakr) Ibn Abi Quhafah and (`Umar) ibn al-Khattab were no more responsible for acting righteously than you". This shows Hazrat Ali (AS) has praised him .
Answer:-  Hazrat Ali (AS) never praised any wrong doer. He advised Usman but never
praised him. The narration of the praise is fabricated as Ulama say that
the narrator is Al-Waaqidi who is not authentic.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2997  -  History -  2015-12-26 02:30:02
Aslam Alikum my Sunni friends told me that Umer ibn khutaab married with Um e Qalsoom bint Ali w Fatima (s.a), would you please inform us about the marriage of Um e Qalsoom bint Ali w Fatima (s.a)?
Answer:-  This is a false and fabricated story. There are full books written to
refute this false claim. You may see this useful link:
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2985  -  History -  2015-12-09 21:15:01
Aslam Alikum brother.... Which are the best books of Islamic history, which we should refer for knowledge? thank you
Answer:-  The best source of knowledge about Islamic history comes from the authentic
narrations from Ahlul Bayt(AS) and their pious followers. You may read
Nahjulbalagha Balagha, Al-Kaafi, and other books of Hadeeth where you can
find very important facts of history narrated by authentic narrators.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2984  -  History -  2015-12-09 21:30:01
Aslam alikum... some of my friends told me that shia are created by Abdullah bin saba after the event of Attack on hazrat Usman (r.a). what is the truth about orign of shia sect? and who is this Abdullah bin saba? thank you
Answer:-  Shia means the followers. In Qur'an, Allah says about Prophet Ebrahim ( WA
INNA MIN SHIA TIHI LA EBRAHIM) ( And for sure, Ebrahim was from his
Shia)(Sura Saffaat).
Shia Muslims were the most sincere Muslims during the life of the Prophet
Mohammad (SAWA). Many Prophetic Hadeethes mentioned the praise of the Shia,
e.g. From Ibn Abbas : the Prophet (SAWA) said: Ali and his Shia are the
winners. (Tafseer Tabari)
Abdullah Bin Saba was a cursed person and we Shia Muslims do not have any
thing to do with him. We curse him and never take any thing from him. We
take the Real Islam from the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) through the most
authentic sources who are his holy Progeny Ahlul Bayt(AS).
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2948  -  History -  2015-11-19 04:45:01
Where are Abu Dhar and Miqdad alayhum alsalam buried for ziyarah?
Answer:-  =E2=80=8BAbu Tharr was buried in =E2=80=8BRabathah which was his exile when=
Uthman expelled
him out of Madina. Rabathah is about 200 Km on the east of Madina on the
high way to Qaseem now.
Miqdad died in Al-Jorf near Madina and was carried to Madina and was buried
in Baqee around 33 After Hijra.
This is a useful link if you can read Arabic
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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