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Question ID  4225  -  Death Related Issues -  2018-02-24 04:15:01
Salamun alaykum wa rahmat Allah, please inform me how to reserve a spot for burial in Wadi-Salam? Is there a website? JazakumAllah Khayr
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb

We don’t know any website to reserve. It should be done by persons who are there in Najaf Ashraf or Zawwars.

Question ID  4197  -  Death Related Issues -  2018-02-20 02:00:02
Salam Alaykum Just wanted to ask if a person is burried after the 10 days of his passing away from this world? How will his 40th be calculate from the day his passed away or from the day when he was burried? Waiting for prompt reply. Thanks
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
From the date of his death. Although it is not obligatory to fix a specific date for the 40 days Majlis as Majlis can be organised any time and it gives benefit to the deceased.
Mohammad Al-Musawi


Question ID  4120  -  Death Related Issues -  2017-12-20 00:45:01
Salam alaikum As it is highly recommended to keep your kafan ready i have one.Now i have heard that you have to take out khums on it every year.Is this true? Awaiting your reply. Thank you
Answer:-  Khums is not obligatory on the item if you purchased it from a money out of
which Khums was already given and the value of it did not go up. If you
purchased the Kafan from money from which Khums was not given, then just
one time Khums is obligatory as far as the value of it did not go up. If
the value has gone up, then just pay Khums on the difference between last
year and this year=E2=80=99s value.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  4085  -  Death Related Issues -  2017-12-24 06:15:03
When a woman dies is it the right of her paternal parents to carry out her funeral Can her parents put on her shroud Or do the in laws carry out the duties? Jazakallah
Answer:-  Both can do that. Her husband has the first right in her funeral.
Question ID  3929  -  Death Related Issues -  2017-06-30 23:45:01
slm how is salatul washa is perform. My maraja is kayim
Answer:-  Two Rakats
First Rakat : after Sura AL Hamd, recite Ayatul Kursi.
Second Rakyat: after Sura AL Hamd, recite ten times Sura AL Qadr.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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