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Question ID  3017  -  Haj & Umra -  2015-12-27 03:15:03
Asalamalykum If a man does tawafun nisa but the lady didnt because they thought it was only recomended for men and they leave mecca. On returning for the next umra does the lady perform tawafun nisa for the missed previous umra also?
Answer:-  She has to perform Tawafun Nisa immediately as soon as she knew that it is
obligatory on her as well. If she can not return to Makka, she must ask
some one who can reach makkah to do Tawafun Nisa on her behalf. before
performing Tawafun Nisa, she is not allowed to touch her husband with
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2964  -  Haj & Umra -  2015-11-30 10:45:01
Salam agaha A person who have not performed his wajib hajj. Can he gift money to his own patents for umarah and ziyarah? Duas
Answer:-  Yes he can gift money to any one for Umra and Ziyarat, provided that such
gift should not delay him from performing his obligatory Hajj. Delaying
Hajj after it becomes obligatory is a major sin.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2878  -  Haj & Umra -  2015-10-18 01:45:01
Did hajj this time.i m in doubt if small amt of urine passed whle tawaf although i dont remember if it occured I also unknowingly touched wall of kaaba is my tawaf valid i m very much worried kindly reply
Answer:-  If you have doubt now that whether you have passed urine during Tawaf or
not, your Tawaf is valid because you have just doubt after you have
completed the Tawaf. If you were sure that you have passed urine, then your
Tawaf will be then invalid.
Touching the Ka'ba during Tawaf depends on the type of touching. If you
just stopped and touched Ka'ba, then took back your hand and completed the
Tawaf, then your Tawaf is valid, but if you touched the Ka'ba while moving
in Tawaf and kept your hand on the Ka'ba while walking in Tawaf, then make
Tawaf invalid.
If you are in doubt now, your Hajj is valid.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2849  -  Haj & Umra -  2015-10-03 00:30:01
Dear Sir - Alhamdollilah I have performed hajj this year. The problem which I am facing is regarding wuqoof at Muzadalifah. I traveled on the night of 10th Zilhaj from Arafat to Muzdalifah. I reached a location which is near boundary point of Mina and Muzdalifah. I stayed there for whole night as there were lot of crowd doing wuqoof there. When I checked the location of that point yesterday I realized that the location is slight outside boundary of Muzdalifah around 20m. However I have spend the following time in boundary of Muzdalifah 1- Traveling from Arafat to Muzdalifah in Train and passing from area of Muzdalifah on night of 10th Zilhajj. 2- Spending last 15 - minutes before sunrise and one hour after sunrise in Muzdalifah Train Station -3 which is inside Muzdalifah 3- Passing within the boundaries of Muzdalifah while going back to Mina tents after doing Rami before zawal on 10th of Zilhaj. In this regard what is the ruling on me ? Will I be have to pay any kaffarah ? I am Ayatullah Sistani follower Kindly send a detailed reply as soon as possible. JazakAllah.
Answer:-  Your Hajj is valid. No Kaffara is required .
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  2812  -  Haj & Umra -  2015-09-11 20:15:02
salamAlaikum InshAllah i am going for Hajj this year and the expenses are paid by my husband as my mahr. I have student loans from the government (USA) that i have been paying monthly and will be doing so until i pay it off iA.In this situation, according to the rules if Ayatollah Sistani, what should be my niyat for the Hajj? Can I perform my Hajjatul Islam or not?
Answer:-  Yes your Hajj is Hajjatul Islam. May Allah (SWT) bless you and accept your
In case you have any question during Hajj, you may post your question to
this website of or call this Saudi number 00966540467653
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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