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Question ID  3229  -  Zakat and Khums
Salaam aleykum Sayyid sahib My mother and my wife received gifts on the occasion of the wedding of my son. The money has not been spent by the khums date. Is khums payable on this money. JazakALLAH and Iltemase dua
Answer:-  If the gifts or money remained unused for one year, Khums will be
applicable on it.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3145  -  Zakat and Khums
Asalam oe alaiqum Agha.I got injured in a suicide blast in pakistan and got disable. Later I came here and claimed asylum in uk with my family. Here I am not allowed to work untill and unless my asylum case get accepted. During this time they give us benefit which is 35£ to each member of family. They mention it 35£ each to one member for one week. I try to use my money and wife money on family and try to save kids money but sometimes we use a part of that money on family. But during this period I saved money which I niat that its my kids money but we use that money on kids n family too. Is there khums on this money. Wa salam Syed hashim ali
Answer:-  If the saved money was with you for one year, then Khums is applicable on
May Allah (SWT) grant you and your family the best.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3097  -  Zakat and Khums
Kya haq mehar wale gold pe khums wajib hy?
Answer:-  No Khums on Mahr.
Question ID  3044  -  Zakat and Khums
I have 1/6th share in a business. My other partners are either non Muslims or Sunni Muslims. We are now planning to sell this running business to a third party. I will get 1/6th from the sale proceed that I intend to reinvest in other business. Do I have to pay khums before reinvesting in other business or khums will only be due if sale proceeds remains with me for one year.
Answer:-  If this amount is your only capital for business for livelihood, then you
should invest it in a new business quickly and do not leave it with you
till your date of Khums.
Question ID  3041  -  Zakat and Khums
Asak,I did not have access to my jewellry for over a year now (its with my Mother in law in her bank locker as we find it unsafe to carry it) and I am staying abroad. In such a scenario what are the obligations on me regarding khums.
Answer:-  =E2=80=8BAny unused item for a period of one year or more, must be calculat=
ed in
its current value for Khums payment.=E2=80=8B
You must pay Khums for your unused jewellery as you did not use it for one
year or more.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

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