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Question ID  1768  -  Salat -  2014-07-26 20:15:01
Salam, What is more rewarding for a women.To pray furada at home or with jamaat at mosque(when she goes to mosque with her husband in sharai hijab).please reply asap.
Answer:-  If she goes to Masjid with her husband and perform Salah with Jama'ah, the
reward is greater than praying Furada.

Question ID  1760  -  Salat -  2014-07-26 21:00:01
I have missed prayers for many years and started praying with my wajib daily prayers. I want to pray Saltul Layl also as it is highly recommended to get Allah Blessings. Please tell me whether I could pray Salatul Layl or I have to complete my Wajib missed prayers first. Please tell me if there is Any way I could pray Salatul Layl regularly. Your Anwers is highly appreciated.
Answer:-  Salatl Layl is the most recommended prayer in Islam. The great benefits of
it are more than our knowledge limits.
You are allowed to perform Salatul Layl even if you have obligatory Qadha
payers on you, but do not neglect the obligatory Qadha.
You may decide to pray Salatul layl every night, and if you miss it in any
night, perform it as Qadha just to be sure that you should not willingly
miss the great benefits of Salatul Layl.
Mohammad al-Musawi
Question ID  1759  -  Salat -  2014-07-26 21:00:01
can i perform prayer without hijaab as i read in my locked room nobody see me. is it haram is my namaz void
Answer:-  Hijab is compulsory on female while performing Prayer (Namaz), even if she
is alone. Prayer with out full Hijab is invalid.
Mohammad al-Muasawi
Question ID  1743  -  Salat -  2014-07-22 05:30:02
Salamunalycum, Sir, My quation is below, 1. I can pray namaz with wife seprate neeyat in the house? 2. I can pray namaz behind wife seprate neeyat in the house? Not jamat
Answer:-  Yes you can pray Furada but you should be ahead.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  1733  -  Salat -  2014-07-20 05:30:01
Slamunalycum, My quation is below; 1. I can pray namaz with wife in the house ? 2. I can pray namaz behind wife in the house ? thanks shukran h zaidi bom.
Answer:-  =E2=80=8B=D9=8E=E2=80=8B
1. I can pray namaz with wife in the house ?
=E2=80=8B=D9=90A. Yes you can but if you want to lead the Namaz, you should=
fulfil the
conditions of leading Jama'at like being 'Aadil and proper Qira'at etc.=E2=

2. I can pray namaz behind wife in the house ?

=E2=80=8BA2. No, you are not allowed to pray Jama'at behind your wife or an=
y other
Woman can only lead women in Namaz not men.=E2=80=8B

> =E2=80=8BEven praying Furada, woman should pray behind man.
Mohammad al-Musawi=E2=80=8B

> =E2=80=8B
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