The Prophet (SAWA) said: The best of deeds after performing Prayers, is making a believer happy with a lawful act.

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Question ID  979  -  Salat -  2013-12-30 17:30:01
Why shia Muslim have a name of hazrat Ali (as) included in azaan ? And why do not other Muslim ?
Answer:-  The name of Hazrat Ali (AS) was announced in Azan as Ameerul Mo'mineen
immediately after the announcement of Ghadeer on 18 of Thul Hijja year 10
after Hijra. it is Mustahab (recommended) to mention this fact of Ali as
Ameerul Mo'mineen is Azan. In Sunni books like Al-Salaafah Fi Akhbar
al-Khilafah by al-Shabrawi page 36, Azan was announced after Ghadeer with
the name of Ali as Ameerul Mo'mineen. Later on the enemies of Imam Ali (AS)
banned it, but the followers of Ahlul Bayt (AS) keep mentioning this great
fact which is the spirit of the Real Islam and the continuity of the
religion of the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA).
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  917  -  Salat -  2013-12-07 19:45:01
can a person recite namaz on the bed? if no then why
Answer:-  Performing obligatory Namaz must be in standing position, unless the person
is so ill that he can not stand, so he must do maximum that he can do.
Standing on bed is allowed but while Sojood, he must press on the surface
of bed till it is steady because we are not allowed to perform Sojjod on
unsteady surface.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  910  -  Salat -  2013-12-04 19:00:02
If I am praying alone, Is it necessary to say "Allah-o-Akbar" during salaat if I go from Qiyam to Ruku, Ruku to sujood, sujood to qiyam etc. Similar to how it is recited in jamaat by Imam to indicate his position.
Answer:-  Saying (Allahu Akbar) is recommended in every action in Salat like going
from Qiyam to Rukoo', standing from Rukoo' , going to to Sojood, raising
head from Sojood etc. It is recommended on every one whether in
Congregational or individual Prayer.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  909  -  Salat -  2013-12-04 13:00:01
Salam-Alikum. Can a Woman lead Men in prayers and why/why not pls. Can you point me in the direction of some literary references pls, be it The Holy Quran or others Thank You Salam-Alaikum
Answer:-  Woman who has all the conditions of leading the Prayers is allowed to lead
other women in Salatul Jama'ah, but she is not allowed to lead men. This is
for many reasons including keeping her respect and making her bow down in
front of men, as well as avoiding embarrassing her if she gets menstrual
bleeding during Prayer and many other reasons which are known by Allah
(SWT) and the Prophet (SAWA).
This rule is clear in all the Hadeeths of the Prophet (SAWA) and we read in
Quran that ( Who obeys the Prophet has in fact obeyed Allah) Sura An Nisaa
: 80 , and ( Take what ever the Prophet tells you and leave what ever he
tells you to leave)Sura Al-Hashr : 7.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  891  -  Salat -  2013-11-27 19:00:01
Assalamualaikum. I got a feeling of fart.but i think i didnt fart and it was inside the do i have to do a wuzu again..?
Answer:-  You do not need to perform Wuzu because you are not sure that you passed

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