The Martyrdom of Imam Ali (A.S)

Dated: July 6, 2015

The Martyrdom of Imam Ali (A.S)
On this tragic night of 19th Ramadhan, World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL) offers its sincere and heartfelt condolences to the entire universe on the sad anniversary of the fatal attack and impending martyrdom of the successor to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his holy progeny), the divinely appointed first Infallible Imam, the master of the pious, the leader of the believers, Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib, peace and blessings be upon him.
Imam Ali led a simple, pious life as the most loyal student and most obedient  companion to the Prophet, always at the Prophet’s beck and call. Yet he was the first most oppressed Imam after the Prophet, for many Muslims disregarded Allah’s appointment of Imam Ali as their leader after the Prophet’s death. However, as he did not have enough loyal followers, and as the Prophet had asked him not to unsheathe his sword at these difficult times, he patiently stated quiet. It was 24 years after the Prophet’s death that Imam Ali was finally recognised as the legitimate leader. But his 5 year rule as caliph was fraught with three civil wars, treason and treachery from within, at the instigation of Muawiya. Muawiya, who was hungry for power, finally paid for a hitman to kill the Imam most brutally.
On 19th Ramadhan, in the city of Kufa, Imam Ali had spent the night in prayer and in tears in front of his Lord, searching the Night of Qadr. Before dawn, he made his way on this fatal night to the mosque, where his killer Ibn Muljim lay in wait. As the Imam prostrated and offered his morning prayers, the murderer struck him in his blessed head with a poisoned sword. A cowardly act, to strike from behind the most brave yet patient, just yet equitably ferocious, gentle yet dependable man after the Prophet to have ever walked the earth.  He fell to the ground saying ‘Fuztu bi Rabbil Kaaba! – By the Lord of the Kaaba, I succeeded!’ Even in death, his conviction was just to serve Allah.
Imam Ali (as) spent the next two days giving instructions to his son Imam Hasan (as) on leadership and the rights of the people. His pain knew no bounds. Finally on the 21st Ramadhan, he achieved martyrdom. He was born in the House of Allah. He was martyred in the House of Allah.
To this day the injustice meted out to Imam Ali causes believers anguish. The loss of the Imam left many orphaned, for not only his children cried for him, but there were many orphans whom the Imam would look after and serve in the dark of the night, as if they were his own, who grieved for him. The entire city lamented. To this day, believers mourn on these dark days of grief at feeling orphaned.
The justice of Imam Ali was legendary. Even when the Lion of Allah was struck in the head and his assailant was captured, Imam Ali asked for the rope around his wrists not to be too tight, and asked for him to be given food and water. When healing milk was brought to the injured Imam, he asked for the same to be sent to Ibn Muljim. He even ordered that should he die from the blow then the appropriate punishment should be given to his attacker with no unjust transgressions. No other man could have been as compassionate and kind yet oppressed as Imam Ali.
Imam Ali (peace be upon him) was not only a just leader, brave warrior and a friend of the down trodden, but he was also a great eloquent speaker. His wonderful words of wisdom, social justice, and spiritual insight, some of which are  collected in Nahjul Balagha, give us a small glimpse into his immense intellect. The Prophet said ‘I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate’. He also said that no-one knew Allah like the Prophet and Ali, no one knew the Prophet like Allah and Ali, and no one knew Ali like Allah and the Prophet. Indeed he was a most unappreciated treasure. Whether he gave advice to his governor Malik al-Ashtar on governance, or to traders on Allah’s laws, or whether he judged between disputants, he upheld Allah’s justice in a most perfect way.
Some of his sayings are:
Every human being is either your brother in faith or your similar partner in humanity.
The passing of time draws one towards death.
One who scorns his parents has diverged from the right path.
Self-sacrifice is the noblest benevolence.
Eating less prevents many maladies of the body.
Nothing brings greater good than having faith and performing good deeds.
A believer is truthful in his speech and generous in his benevolence.
Weeping out of the fear of Allah is the key to divine mercy.
We offer our condolences to the Imam of our Time (peace be upon him) and all believers, and invite all Muslims to recognise and accord the due respect and status that Imam Ali (a.s) was given by Allah.
Sayed Muhammad Al-Musawi
World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League

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