Condemnation of Attack on Sadr City, Baghdad, 13 August 2015

Dated: August 13, 2015

World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL) condemns the brutal attack by a bomb explosion early this morning in Sadr City, Baghdad, killing over 70 people and wounding over 200. We offer our sincere condolences  to the martyrs' families and the injured victims.

We condemn ISIS who have claimed responsibility  for this horrific attack. We condemn ISIS's funders, suppliers, supporters  and call on the  international  peacekeeping  forces to hold  the  perpetrators  to account for their crimes against humanity.

While appreciating recent steps by Dr Abadi to counter corruption, we call upon him to take further firm steps to restore  law and order in Baghdad, to filter all security and safety check points , and to bring the severe arm of the law down upon the aggressors. The killing of innocent  Iraqis on a daily basis  at the hands of external interefence and terrorist outfits requires action to restore  law and order.

Mohammad Al-Musawi 
World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League  (WABIL)
London U.K.

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