The Prophet (SAWA) said: The best of deeds after performing Prayers, is making a believer happy with a lawful act.

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Question ID  4559  -  Major Sins -  2019-01-08 12:15:01
Salem alakium I have come across a young man (23 years) who told me about a sinful act (sodomy with a boy). He is very sad about the act he committed. He asked me if he would ever be forgiven for the sin without carrying out the hadd punishment. I told him that Allah (SWT) will inshallah forgive your sin if his repentance is sincere and he should not tell anyone about the sin. Was it correct?
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Allah forgives all the sins if the sinner sincerely repents and seeks
It is not good to inform any one about the sins.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  4292  -  Major Sins -  2018-04-16 17:45:01
Salam Moulana The question is about magic ,my mother afflicted by magic 4 times so we asked two hawza students that my mother want to perform magic on them for her safety so they who done magic upon my mother cant perform 5 th time So the hawza student gave answer if mother want safety so she can perform magic after that I give my mother money for magic but now i feel guilty about all this that i give money so is i become kaafir ?? Or what to do for repentance?? Please give me answer plz. And also after that time my mother intention goes wrong.
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Indulging in magic is a major sin.
Seek forgiveness for what you did.
Question ID  4259  -  Major Sins -  2018-03-16 21:30:01
Salam I am GIRL I am 13 years old In the month of December 28 after 12:00am it means 29 I am send him Main screenshot to one boy but he is not take it seriously and getting angry on me because why I am Sending him msg and he told me very very highest bad words. He is saying I am the reason of condem and my birth apology letter is condom factory sex and he is forcing me to send nudes video of me but I am not send him. He is black mailing me telling If I will not send him so he will hack my Instagram id. But also I am not send him. This is all my fault and I am not tell my parents about this His name is Aiman shaikh He is 15 years old He is muslim Plz tell me what can I do ? I am shia. So what can I do
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
Be away from him and never contact or receive anything from him or any other non Mahram boy. You should look after you Akhlaaq and Emaan and don’t follow satanic desires.

Question ID  4190  -  Major Sins -  2018-02-08 13:30:01
Salam I would like to know if two boys at the age of 13 tried to commit sodomy but could not make it happen due to inexperience. is it then categorized as sodomy and will they be forgiven? They are in doubt if the penetration was up to point of circumsion. They also comitted acts of sucking each other. Can they be forgiven without punishment? They were young and dumb at that age. They are both grown up now and really really sorry about what happened.
Answer:-  They have committed a sinful act although they don’t know up to what extent. They need to seek forgiveness and repeat esitghfaar after repenting and deciding not to repeat it at all.
Mohammad l-Musawi

Question ID  4178  -  Major Sins -  2018-01-28 10:30:02
Salam I am girl I am 13 years old 1 boy is told me on 28 December He said (My birth certificate apology letter is condom factory sex and said I am the reason of the condom) and he is forcing me to send nudes video his name is Aiman shaikh he is 14 years old he is muslim and tomorrow on monday his mother is coming to school to talk about this I am so scared his and his mother talk to principal about this my 2 friends call me on Thursday and forcing me to tell his mother he is tell me this bad words so I call his mother on that day and she told me this I am coming school and tell about this bad words His son Aiman shaikh and his sister anam shaikh drinking hookah and her mother also know this but her mother is not say anything to children and going to hookah parlour Aiman shaikh is 14 years old and his sister anam shaikh is also 14 years old and muslim also but this children mother is not taking care to own children and she is so careless. I am so scared for tomorrow What I can do ??
Answer:-  Be away from any bad person and don=E2=80=99t allow them to contact you. Ke=
yourself clean and don=E2=80=99t talk or contact but only the clean and pio=
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