Verily Allah gives succor to this community only as a result of [the presence of] the weak among them, their supplication, their prayer and their sincerity

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Question ID  321  -  Medical Issues -  2013-02-09 16:00:02
Salam Alaikum wa ba.. I was wondering if you can give me a name and a phone number for an Imam in Southern California or any other place that I can go to cleanse me. What happened to me is someone fed me sihir and I can not pray or do zikir due to gagging and vomitting. If I pray and let my mind wonder around nothing happens, but When I pray from the heart I start gagging and or vomitting. Its been 8 months since i have worked and I know my ex wife puts sihir on me. Any information will help me alot Inshallah. I am a 12 Imami from generations and generations Alhamdulillah. your help will be very helpful and very appreciative.
Answer:-  You may contact Shaikh Fadhil Sahlani ( 917 826 7734) in Al Khoei Islmic
Centre who will guide you to local Aalm in your area.

Question ID  272  -  Medical Issues -  2013-02-02 21:23:16
can a woman take any substance in other to get fat or part of her body to be big? For example, her breast for the purpose of pleasing her husband.
Answer:-  Woman is allowed to do so, if no non Mahram is involved in the procedure.
Mohammad al-Musawi

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