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Question ID  2555  -  Medical Issues -  2015-06-02 21:15:01
Question : I want to apply for a job where Selling medical drugs to muslims & non Muslims for ABORTION. This will involve selling drugs where a women will loose the baby in the womb, this is before two months of pregnancy. Is this halal earning?
Answer:-  Not allowed.
Question ID  2481  -  Medical Issues -  2015-05-03 14:00:02
Salaam alaykum, I do taqlid of Ayatullah Al-Sistani. My question is, I would like to know if it is permissable to take flower remedies which is alcohol based, this is the website The alcohol here is used to preserve the medicinal/vibrational energy that has been derived from the flower. The dosage is usually 4 drops of the flower remedy being put into a 30ml bottle of water and to take 4 drops 4 times a day on/under the tongue (dosage can be increased accordingly). Is this type of medicine allowed? As the alcohol is only being used to preserve the flowers energy and is extremely small amount? Many thanks
Answer:-  According to Ayatullah Sistani, if the percentage of alcohol is up to 2%,
it is allowed to use this medicine.
Question ID  2462  -  Medical Issues -  2015-04-28 11:00:01
SA Can we use a medicine (gel) to apply on a painful area of the body if that gel has alcohol in it
Answer:-  Yes it is allowed to apply it as far as you do not consume it.
Was salam
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  2445  -  Medical Issues -  2015-04-24 08:45:02
Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim, Salam Alaykum, I want to know that whether one can use Garlic Soft Gel (Gelantin) capsules sold in muslim countries but the manufacturer is from non muslim Country with out asking the Pharmacist whether it is Halal or Haram. When enquired with Pharmacist, he said that this is a Herbal medicine and hence pork gelatin is not used but some are saying that this is not true. If a person is consumed cas of ignorance or full knowledge about the product then in that case what is his responsibility. This medicine is just a supplement and not as a mandatory one. Please guide me for this. Shukran Jazak Allah iltemase dua
Answer:-  Capsule cover made of Gelatin is not allowed to consume unless you know
that the origin of the gelatin is from Halal animal, or it is from
vegetarian origin. Muslim countries importing materials from non Muslim
countries does not make such imported material Halal at all.
Consuming such non Halal material is a sinful act, but if it was done with
out previous knowledge, then it must not be repeated and Istighfaar is
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  2422  -  Medical Issues -  2015-04-11 12:45:02
Asalaam Alekum There is a phrase in english "After lunch sleep a while, after dinner walk a mile" Is it somehow true in islamic context or what our masoomin a.s has said about this.
Answer:-  Yes, we have in our books similar statements encouraging a while of rest
after noon (Qayloolah) and walk after dinner.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
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