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Question ID  3829  -  Medical Issues -  2017-05-08 10:00:01
Asalaamo aleykum varehmatullahe wabarkato (1) my father had heart attack , doctor had implant 3 stends in his heart so please send me dua for my father health (2) dua to defeat daibities
Answer:-  For heart :
YA FATTAH 70 times after Morning Prayers putting his hand on his chest.
For every illness :
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3684  -  Medical Issues -  2017-01-17 19:15:01
Salamun Alaikum..... Question 1)Ek Shia Doctor ke pass Medical Science ka Kitna Elm Rakhna Waajib hai? Question 2) Kuch Doctors aise hote hai jo puri Zindagi Choti choti Bimari ki Treatment karte hai aur Umuman Uske pass Aise hai hi Patient aate hai .....Lekin Kabhi Kabhi Badi Bimari waale Patient bhi uske pass EMERGENCY me Aa jate hai Jaise Ventricular Fibrillation etc...Aisi Halat me Wo Apni KamElmi aur Gaflat me Kuch Nahi kar pata hai aur Patient ki Death ho jaati hai...Iss Surat me Doctor Zimmedari hai? Doctor ko Diyyat dena hogi? Question 3) Ek Doctor Muslim Patient ki Jaan Bacha sakta tha lekin usne Iss wajah Nahi Bachayi kyuki Patient Emergency me Aadhi raat ke waqt Aaya tha ....Doctor Raat ko Patient nahi Dekhta tha...Aise Doctor pe Diyyat Waajib hogi?
Answer:-  1. Any doctor needs to have the required knowledge before he treats or
prescribes medicine to people; he is not allowed to treat or prescribe
medicine if he is not sure about the case, the medicine or treatment.
2. If anything goes wrong because of his treatment or the medicine
prescribed by him, he will be held responsible. If the patient dies,
because of the doctor's mistake Diyyat becomes Wajib on the doctor.
3. It is obligatory on every Muslim to save the life of anyone who is in
danger of death. The doctor who knew about a patient who was in danger and
in spite of being able to help save his life, he did not do that has
committed a major sin.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3663  -  Medical Issues -  2016-12-29 03:45:01
Salamun Alaikum..... Agar Government Homeopathy Doctors ko Allopathy medicine practice karne ki mana karti ho lekin fir bhi Homeopathy Doctors Allopathy practice karte ho to Ek Shia Homeopathy Doctors ke liye kya Masala hai? Kya wo Allopathy Practice kar sakta hai?
Answer:-  He must be knowledgeable enough to treat people, otherwise he will be
responsible about any mistake or wrong medication.
Mohammad Al-Musawi

Question ID  3628  -  Medical Issues -  2016-12-21 18:15:01
AS SALAMUNALIKUM I Have a daughter Name :M.SUKAINA BATHOOL born on 23th October 2015.9th moharram.after namaz-e-juma Please advice as per birth details is it a right name for her , Since she met with an accident at home recently and the elders said to change her name.. so we need your advice as per our shariah.and Sukaina is the correct name? Plz let me know the meaning of sukaina...
Answer:-  The name Sukaina Batool is a very good name; you don't need to change it at

Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3380  -  Medical Issues -  2016-06-12 20:00:01
Asalam aleiukum I have 2 questions to ask my 1st question is regarding cataracts. Is there any duas or quran verses I can read to help me cure cataracts My 2nd question is regarding diabetes. Is there also any duas or quran verses I can read to help me with getting rid of diabetes...thank you
Answer:-  Q1. Is there any duas or quran verses I can read to help me cure cataracts?
A1. Reciting Ayatul Kursi after every Namaz (Prayer) putting your hands on
your eyes. Reading Quran from the Mushaf as much as you can.
=E2=80=8BQ2. =E2=80=8B
Is there also any duas or quran verses I can read to help me with getting
rid of diabetes
A2. Reciting this verse as many times as you can
=D9=88=D8=A5=D8=B0=D8=A7 =D9=85=D8=B1=D8=B6=D8=AA =D9=81=D9=87=D9=88 =D9=8A=
Obviosly you must continue using your medication and consulting your
=E2=80=8BMohammad Al-Musawi

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