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Question ID  561  -  Will / Inheritance -  2013-07-07 19:15:01
Assalamalykum, Under the taqleed of Grand Ayatollah Seestani. My Paternal Grandfather's had 7 sons and 3 daughters. His ancestral home is getting divided among his 7 sons (of which 2 are not alive). Out of 3 daughters,1 daughter & her husband died. The other 2 daughters have willingly agreed to have no share in this property(Thihai). The deceased sister's have 4 daughters,of which 3 are married and 1 is unmarried. What is the ahkam of inheritance in this case for 3 married daughters and the unmarried one? Jazakallah.
Answer:-  All sons and daughters of the deceased who were alive when he dies, are
entitled to their share. Any one wants to donate or give his share to
others can do so but it must be willingly and with out any pressure.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  394  -  Will / Inheritance -  2013-04-01 20:30:01
Salam alakum sayed, May I ask you to please give me guidance in writing a Islamic will, if possible to bullet point in order? Thank you WSA
Answer:-  They are many Islamic websites to guide you how to make a will. This is one
of them:
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