The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Allah has made generosity the greatest moral virtue

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Question ID  5224  -  Family issues -  2020-03-28 18:45:01
Can a person spy or see another persons letters or phone messages ?
Answer:-  It is Haraam to spy on others.
Allah says in Quran: Do not spy. (Sura 49, verse 12)

Question ID  5168  -  Family issues -  2020-02-09 04:30:01
Answer:-  Please write your question.

Question ID  4998  -  Family issues -  2019-09-19 18:45:01
Salaam Alaikum, I m 54 yrs old happily married and have 2 kids (14 & 15 yrs). I have very little sexual feelings. My wife is 42 yrs old. I have little sexual desires n because of this my wife always complains n have big quarrels. Please suggest the solution.
Answer:-  It is good for you to consult your doctor.
You must do your best to look after your wife=E2=80=99s needs.
Question ID  4743  -  Family issues -  2019-06-24 08:30:01
As salaam alaykum maulana sb. Can u plz do istekhara on my niyah.
Answer:-  Not good.
Question ID  4741  -  Family issues -  2019-06-22 20:00:01
As salaam alaykum maulana sb. Can u plz do istekhara on my niyah
Answer:-  The Estikhara is not good.

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