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Question ID  5423  -  Will / Inheritance -  2021-02-28 13:00:02
Salaam alaikum agha, A woman dies leaving behind husband + a mentally retarded son+ a deaf dumb daughter(aqil)+ another son(aqil). She has left behind a property which is in form of a building. How much each heir will get..? Will a mentally retarded son also get a share in inheritance? Does the husband inherit from the value of the land and building also? Wa salaam
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb.
Husband gets one quarter from every thing left by his wife including land
and building etc. Rest is for the children (one share for female and two
shares for male).
There is no difference in the inheritance between normal and disabled or
retarded. All get same share.
Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  5421  -  Will / Inheritance -  2021-02-23 12:00:01
Salaam alaikum agha, When the wife does not inherit in the value of the land, then 1/8 of what does she inherit in the building standing on that piece of land? WS.
Answer:-  Yes, she inherits one eighth of the building and all wealth except land.
Question ID  5420  -  Will / Inheritance -  2021-02-21 16:45:01
SA If a man dies leaving behind a wife and 2sons. He had a property in the form of a building. Then does the wife inherits from the building since its a immovable asset? If yes then how much the wife will inherit and how much the sons will inherit? WS
Answer:-  Wa Alaykum Assalam wr wb
The share of the wife is one eighth and the rest is for the two sons
The wife does not inherit from the land.
Mohammad al-Musawi

Question ID  3671  -  Will / Inheritance -  2017-01-18 19:45:02
Salamun Alaikum Agha...Agar Marhoom Baap khums Ada karte ho Har saal Apni Zindagi me.... To Marhoom Baap ki Property ke konse hisse par Khums Ada karna Aulaad pe unki Maut ke baad Waajib hai? Marhoom Baap Fiqhi Masail ki Details nahi Jante the Lekin Khums Ada karte the .....SHAYAD Kisi Masale me Galti ki ho....Ab Kya Zimmedari hai? Kis tarah Count kare?
Answer:-  If the deceased father was giving Khums properly and the children do not
know that he did not pay Khums from any property or money or wealth that he
left, then it is not obligatory on them to take Khums from their

Mohammad Al-Musawi
Question ID  3670  -  Will / Inheritance -  2017-01-18 19:45:02
Salamun Alaikum Agha....Agar Marhoom Apne Saare Maal ki Wasiyat likh ke gaya jab ke Shariat me to sirf 1/3rd ki Ijazat di hai....Iss Surat me Konse 1/3rd pe Amal kiya jayega aur konse 2/3rd ko Miraas ke Masale me Count kare?
Answer:-  Every Muslim has the right on one third of whatever he owns to give it to
whom he wishes in his will after his death. The remaining two thrids is the
right of his inheriters. They have the option of taking their share or
approve the will of the deceased by giving to what or whom he wanted to
give to.

Mohammad Al-Musawi
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